The Pollinator Project

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is excited to introduce The Pollinator Project, a multi-faceted initiative focused on Pollinators and the rehabilitation and conservation of their habitat. We hope The Pollinator Project will bring awareness to the importance of pollinators and their role in food production and we hope this new initiative will inspire families to spend more time outdoors together and encourage students and teachers to get out of the classroom and into the schoolyard.

The Pollinator Project is all about creating and maintaining pesticide-free gardens, learning about all pollinators and understanding the key role they play in the safe production of healthy foods. And for the Monarch butterfly, one of our more threatened pollinators, it’s about understanding their life cycles and migration patterns.

Getting Started

Our pollinators need your help! Create a pollinator-friendly habitat at home, at school, or at work using these tools and resources!

Monarch-related Resources

Available for purchase in our Gift Store beginning mid-August, 2016:

  • Milkweed plant
  • Milkweed seeds
  • Monarch Life Cycle Poster
  • Pollinator Project Manual*
  • Monarch Tags
  • Butterfly Gardening Books
  • Butterfly Costumes
  • Life Cycle Toys

*Available September 2016. 

Pollinator Habitat Resources

Available for purchase in our Gift Store beginning May 1, 2017:

  • Perennial nectar plants
  • Butterfly host plants
  • Pollinator Poster
  • Pollinator Project Manual
  • Pollinator Habitat Sign

Outreach Programs

We'll bring our programs to your school, church, fair, or festival!

Monarch Migration

Available for September and October only

Experience real Monarch caterpillars, chrysalides, and butterflies up close! We'll talk about the Monarch's life cycle, migration, and habitat, and why they're threatened.

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People, Plants, and Pollinators

Available year round

We'll bring butterflies and other members of our tropical insect collection. Discover the importance that plants and pollinators have on our daily lives and their role in the food chain.

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Events & Workshops

Monarch Tagging Weekend

Saturday, September 10 & Sunday, September 11

Join us for a family-friendly event and sponsor a migratory Monarch!

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Why did Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory discontinue the Monarch Rearing Kit?

Current research around Monarch butterfly conservation now recommends conservationists focus their efforts on habitat conservation and rehabilitation rather than rearing and releasing captive-bred Monarchs. After an extensive review of the Monarch Butterfly Rearing Kit Program, and in consultation with others involved in Monarch butterfly conservation and research, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory has chosen to discontinue the Rearing Kit Program. The Program has been replaced with The Pollinator Project. To read the full statement, please click here.