Live Insect Collection

On top of housing 1000’s of live tropical butterflies, we are pleased to host a variety of tropical insects and arthropods. View some of our large insects on display, and meet some up close with a Nature Interpreter. The animals shown below are just a few of the friendly critters you may see on your next visit!

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[div class=”bug-box”]Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Gromphadorhina portentosa [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Indian Walking Stick

Vietnamese Walking Stick
Medauroidea extradentatum [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula

Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula
Grammostola rosea [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Giant African Land Snail

Giant African Land Snail Archachatina ventricosa [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula

Apis mellifera [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Darkling Beetle and Larva

Darkling Beetle and Larva
Zophobas morio [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Giant Cave Cockroach

Giant Cave Cockroach
Blaberus giganteus [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Orange-Spotted Cockroach

Orange-Spotted Cockroach
Blaptica dubia [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Owl Caterpillar

Owl Caterpillar
Caligo memnon [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Blue Porter Weed

Scorpion Scorpiones [end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Giant African Flower Beetle

Giant African Flower Beetle

[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Giant African Flower Beetle

Assassin Bug
Platymeris biguttatus


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Long-horned Cactus Beetle

Long-horned Cactus Beetle
Moneilema gigas


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Death-feigning Beetle

Death-feigning Beetle
Asbolus verrucosus


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Domino Cockroach

Domino Cockroach
Therea petiveriana


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Malaysian Jungle Nymph

Malaysian Jungle Nymph
Heteropteryx dilatata


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]South Asian Bush Kadydid

South Asian Bush Kadydid
Mecopoda elongata


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Malayan Stick Insect

Malayan Stick Insect
Lonchodes brevipes


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Desert Millipede

Desert Millipede
Orthoporus ornatus

[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Spiny Stick Bug

Spiny Stick Bug
Extatosoma tiaratum


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Thorny Devil

Thorny Devil
Eurycantha calcarata


[end-div] [div class=”bug-box”]Vinegaroon

Mastigoproctus giganteus