Life Among the Butterflies

20 January 2017
Butterflies are sun-lovers, so much so that they can be considered little solar-powered beings who are dependent on the warmth to stay active and fly around. So how on earth could be a butterfly be flying around in winter? It may seem like a strange concept but it’s not uncommon for our Naturalist ...
07 January 2017
Imagine yourself in a lush, coastal mangrove swamp in Malaysia. There are stilted trees, thorny vines, and lush foliage so thick you can hardly see ten steps in front of you. In the water at your feet live endangered dugongs, and in the trees above you call proboscis monkeys, who also depend on thi...
24 November 2016
Ever since the new Lichens exhibit arrived (on display now from November – April 2017), we’ve all been learning more & more about the fascinating world of lichens. At first it may not sound like it’s a very fascinating topic – but you may be surprised. Here are some quick, fun facts about the s...
17 November 2016
Gift Store
With stylish home decor, gardening supplies, sweet treats and gifts for kids, The Paradise Gift Store has a unique gift for everyone on your list this holiday season. 1) Sunset Moth Frame - $43.50 2) Hungry Caterpillar Stuffed Toy - $19.99 3) Bee Pillow - $17.99 4) Set of 4 Bee Coasters - $15.99 5)...
16 November 2016
Photo from Journey North Monarch Blog - Homero Gomez, Nov 2016.   Monarchs have arrived in Mexico! Almost like clockwork, they were reported as arriving in sanctuary areas on Nov 1 & 2, just in time for the local Day of the Dead celebrations. There have been speculations on how this year’s...


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