Life Among the Butterflies

09 August 2017
Photo Credit: Mike WhiteThe Ecosystem of a GardenBy now your garden should be alive with pollinators – both winged and terrestrial critters. You’ve probably noticed many plant pests lurking around your lush foliage and feasting on your floriferous buffet and you’re scheming and plotting their demise...
01 August 2017
Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference 2017 - Tuscon ArizonaWe might be biased, but we think entomologists or "bug geeks" are some of the friendliest and most fun people to hang out with. Similar to any kind of hobby club, when you get together with a group of like-minded individuals...
25 July 2017
Photo Credit: Mike WhitePlanting Perennial Pollinator GardensWe were going to use the title “Butterfly Gardens” but that wouldn’t be accurate. Once you plant a garden loaded with golden pollen and delectable nectar, you will attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, hoverflies and other animals that ...
17 July 2017
The Mottled Duskywing (Erynnis martialis)Mottled Duskywing Photo Credit: Jessica LintonSupporting butterfly conservation research, especially in our region, is very important to us here at the Conservatory. One such research project we’re involved with is the conservation of Ontario’s only endangere...
28 June 2017
The Monarchs are Back!The children & grandchildren of the overwintering Monarchs in Mexico have traveled thousands of kilometres back up through the United States and into Canada and are now being seen at their northernmost limit. The northern limit of monarchs is determined by the range of thei...


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