Above: Buffalo on Salt Flats with Water, photographed in Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada, Alta., N.W.T. in 2012. © Roberta L Bondar.

The Roberta Bondar Foundation


Landscapes of Biodiversity

A collection of photographic images by Dr. Roberta Bondar
On Exhibit: May 1 - Oct 31, 2016


Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is pleased to host Landscapes of Biodiversity, a collection of 23 fine art photographic images by Dr. Roberta Bondar - Canada's first woman astronaut and the world's first neurologist in space. Dr. Bondar is the only astronaut to use fine art photography to explore and reveal Earth’s natural environment from the surface. Presented by The Roberta Bondar Foundation, Landscapes of Biodiversity represents six biomes - lakes and rivers, wetlands, forests, grasslands, ice across and tundra biomes.


Artist's Statement

During my spaceflight, I experienced the reality of Earth as a planet, solitary and vibrant blue against the surrounding black universe. This reset my sensitivity to seeing and understanding life in its many forms and interconnections. The different patterns that are visible from above characterize planet Earth, but its status as a living planet depends upon the biodiversity that is hidden from the space view.

Large cameras with very high quality lenses allow me to engage Earth’s natural life in its unique environment and to produce large-scale images that reflect the grand scale of our planet. Creatively, I seek out simple colours and patterns that stimulate an emotional connection to the natural world. This is my new view of Earth, its patterns of light and threads of life.

Roberta L. Bondar



The Roberta Bondar Foundation

The photographs in the exhibition, Landscapes of Biodiversity, are selected from the Foundation’s collection of biological communities of the world. Through these intimate portraits and the accompanying materials that speak to our planet’s biodiversity, The Roberta Bondar Foundation strives to rejuvenate interest in and respect for the natural environment.

Biomes, the biological communities of life on Earth, are complex partnerships supported by the physical structures and elements of our planet. Biodiversity, the contraction of “biological diversity”, encompasses all levels of life, including that not seen by the unaided eye.

The more we learn about our environment and the better we become at asking important questions, the better equipped we will be to respond to change and to influence positive change. As our knowledge and awareness of the natural world around us increase, we can connect in a meaningful way to our complex planet. If we love what we see, we will engage in how best to protect it.


Select Photographs from Landscapes of Biodiversity:

Above: Tundra Life - Arctic Fritillary, photographed in Aulavik National Park of Canada, N.W.T. in 1999. 
© Roberta L Bondar.



Above: Monarch Gathering, photographed in Point Pelee National Park of Canada, Ont. in 1997. 
© Roberta L Bondar.



Above: Large Lady's Slipper, photographed in Bruce Peninsula National Park of Canada, Ont. in 1999. 
© Roberta L Bondar.




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