The Conservatory: A Photographer’s Dream

In Conservatory by dfiik

“Can I take pictures inside the Conservatory?”

YES – absolutely yes! Some of the best photos we’ve ever seen have been taken by our guests inside the Conservatory. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, we’ve been able to connect with some very talented people and are honoured to share their work. They’ve been kind enough to tell us a bit about their experience taking photos in the Conservatory, as well as share some tips and tricks for other photographers.

Check it out!

Seth Macey



“Shooting in there was amazing. If you’re shooting people or models, definitely have them wear colours that contrast the different shades of green in there. For example the person I took a few shots of was wearing a red sweater. I would say also to use the foliage as a way of framing subjects, like the waterfall. Lastly, use the butterflies to your advantage and have patience! I took a portrait headshot of the person I was with there and had her stand with her head wrapped around some leaves and we just waited until a butterfly landed in the perfect spot. Patience is key there if you want to get shots involving the butterflies.”


Meagan Smart


“Shooting in the conservatory is such a peaceful and amazing experience. It is such a vibrant atmosphere that just radiates happiness. I love being able to see all different kinds of butterflies and capture them in their habitat. Patience is key when it comes to any photography, but especially butterflies as they are so active when the sun is shining. A tip would be to take as many pictures as you can, some of them will turn out how you want them to and have a lot of patience. They are almost never still, so when they are jump on that opportunity and take multiple pictures in case that butterfly never sits down again. The best time to go is when the sun is shining outside as they are much more active. I love being able to go to the conservatory on my weekends off.”

Alyssa Couroux


“My experience shooting in the conservatory was great – it wasn’t too busy, and the rice paper butterflies loved my vanilla perfume so they stayed on me, or close by. If I had any tips it would be to utilize a mono pod, which is a tripod but with one leg so it’s allowed in the conservatory. It really helped me gain height so I could shoot butterflies face on while keeping the camera still for better focus and sharpness. I keep my flash off-and use natural light, I find this keeps the photos looking more natural. In terms of the actual photograph – I try to focus on the background. The colours and way they blend when blurred makes a huge difference in how the shot will turn out. My favourite is the monarch one because of those gorgeous deep green colours in the background blur.”

Please note:

We don’t allow the use of tripods during our normal business hours. For this reason, Amateur Photography Groups may wish to reserve time either before we open or after we close to take photos in the Conservatory. Click here for more information.

Professional photography (family photos, engagement photos, etc.) must be booked outside of our normal business hours. Click here for more information.