Giant Cave Cockroach, Blaberus giganteus

This impressive bug is the largest cockroach species in its genus, and is one of the largest species of cockroaches known to man! It is found in tropical regions of Panama, the West Indies, and Northern South America.

They prefer to live in quiet, dark, humid caves in the rainforests, often found in the same caves that house bat colonies. In fact, these cockroaches will sometimes snack on both the guano and any baby bats lose their grip and fall. Mostly, however, giant cave cockroaches eat decomposing plant matter.

Although the young (nymphs) are wingless, the adults have wings, yet rarely if ever use them for flight. These insects more commonly run along the ground. All roaches possess special sensory appendages on their abdomen that almost look like two smaller antennae (cerci) that are especially sensitive to air movement. This enables them to run in the opposite direction of any potential threat.


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