Canada’s Waterscapes

JAN 6th, 2013 Canada’s Waterscapes gave viewers a chance to dive in and discover five of Canada’s aquatic ecosystems, including oceans, lakes, rivers, wetlands and estuaries. Audio features, video displays and life-size dioramas make this a highly interactive and family friendly exhibit. Visitors could conduct their own symphony of frog calls, discover the nesting grounds of the endangered Whooping Crane, and marvel at the intricacy of the baleen from a Minke Whale. “We were delighted to host this engaging and informative exhibit at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.” says Adrienne Brewster, Executive Director. “Visitors of all ages had fun exploring their aquatic side.” Canada’s Waterscapes was a new travelling exhibition from the Canadian Museum of Nature, sponsored in part by Parks Canada, Canadian Water Network, RBC’s Blue Water Project and the National Science and Engineering Research Council.