Cheecho Turns 11!

In Conservatory by dfiik

If you’ve been to the Conservatory, you’ve likely seen our Green-cheeked Conure, Cheecho. Cheecho has called the Conservatory home for close to a decade and he’s celebrating his 11th birthday this weekend!

Green-cheeked Conures are small parrots known for their outgoing personalities. Cheecho is always curious, spunky, (and sometimes mischievous!) and because he loves social interaction, our staff spend time with him each morning before opening the Conservatory. During the day, our staff often bring him off his perch to meet our guests. Conures are quite intelligent birds and are known to be quick learners. Cheecho loves to show off his tricks and can wave, spin, dance, whistle, and even say his own name.

When he is not with our staff and meeting our guests, Cheecho spends time on his big play structure. Conures are full of antics and Cheecho is no different – he loves to clamor all over his structure and enjoys the rotation of toys and activities we give him. Eventually he tires himself out and falls asleep in his fuzzy, purple bed.

Cheecho’s favourite things to eat are walnuts and bananas, but he eats a balanced diet that includes pellets, seeds, nuts, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. To make sure he is healthy, Cheecho visits the veterinarian regularly where they weigh him, shine his beak, and trim his nails. He’ll be looking dapper for his party this weekend, we hope to see you there!