Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Policies

Our first priority for visitors is health and safety. To ensure a safe, enjoyable experience, we ask that visitors abide by the following policies:

1) Visitors to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory enter at their own risk. No liability for loss, injury, or damage will be accepted. All visitors must enter via the front entrance and pay an admission fee.

2) Visitors should not touch or interfere with any animal, unless they are participating in a staff-led interaction. For the health and safety of our animals, visitors are not permitted to feed the animals.

3) No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to vehicles or personal items.

4) Children are required to be supervised at all times.

5) Visitors are required to stay on pathways at all times, obey all barriers and railings, and are not permitted to enter the pond or put their bodies into the waterfall. Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink any substance found in the Conservatory, including plant material and pond water.

6) Service animals are welcome, however restrictions apply. Please call 519-653-1234 before your visit so that we may review our policies with you.

7) Please note that the use of scooters, bicycles, hover boards, skateboards, roller blades (list not inclusive) are prohibited onsite.

8) Photography & Filming Policy – All photographs, images, and/or video taken by visitors must be for personal use only. Any use, reuse or reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited without full written consent and specific permit from Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

9) During your visit, you may be filmed, taped or photographed by or on behalf of Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Your admission serves as your permission to use, record, reproduce, broadcast, sell and distribute any of the above.

10) Guest Conduct – Any behaviour that threatens or is harmful to you (the visitor), staff and/or our animals or disrupts another guest’s enjoyment could result in the violator being ejected from Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory without refund.

11) Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is NOT a nut free environment.

12) Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is smoke-free. Cannabis (recreational marijuana) and cannabis related products (infused liquids, foods, etc.) are prohibited on the property.