Virtual Creature Feature

Experience a virtual close-up encounter with a live animal or arthropod! 

Meet Bumble our Blue Tongued Skink!

Watch as an Owl Butterfly emerges from its chrysalis!

From egg, to caterpillar, to pupa, join Naturalist Andalyne as we get close up to see part of the magnificent metamorphosis in action, as an Owl Butterfly emerges from its chrysalis!

Visit the Emergence Window at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory to watch see this magic in person and catch a glimpse of butterflies taking their first flight!

It’s spooky-season so we’re shining a light on a Halloween favourite: Tarantulas!

We’re celebrating the spooky by bringing our spiders out from the shadows!

Join Naturalist Andalyne to get up close to a few of our creepy crawlies and see them in a new light in this virtual Creature Feature! 

Searching for Owl Butterfly Caterpillars in the Conservatory

Join Naturalist Andalyne on a search for caterpillars in the Conservatory in this virtual Creature Feature. 

Throughout this adventure you’ll get up close to some tiny owl butterfly caterpillars and be able to see their eventual progression with a look at various stages of their development. You’ll learn more and get some quick tips to use when looking for caterpillars in your own backyard! 

Butterflies lay their eggs on host plants, so that’s where we begin our search.

Consider going on a bug hunt for in your own backyard!
We’d love to see the new friends you make – send us a photo or share to our social channels

How many legs does a millipede have?

In this Creature Feature, Naturalist Andalyne gets you close-up to a Giant Asian Millipede. She shares her insight about these fascinating arthropods and offers a quick tip to help you determine the number of legs on the millipede which may be living in your backyard!

This Giant Asian Millipede might be big but the smaller ones that are native to Ontario are just as fascinating. Check out this week’s Wildlife Wednesday video to learn more. 

Consider going on a bug hunt for millipedes in your own backyard!
We’d love to see the new friends you make – send us a photo or share to our social channels

Taupie swoops into the spotlight

If you’ve been to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, you’ve likely seen (or heard) our feathered friend, Taupie! If not, we are pleased to introduce you! 

Taupie is over 20 years-old and has been with us for much of the past decade. She’s a true character here in the Conservatory and today you get to meet her up close! 

Check out this video to learn more about Taupie the Ringneck dove, a creature we just had to feature!

A scorpion? A spider? Neither, or both!?

Get up close to meet Valerie the Vinegaroon and her new family in this Creature Feature!

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is proud to announce the successful rearing of vinegaroon eggs and give you the opportunity to have a close encounter with these awe inspiring creatures. 

Join Naturalist Andalyne as she shares her insight and excitement for this new mom and her adorable young.

Let’s go on a Quail Safari adventure in the Conservatory

Two types of quail call Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory home, and they’re both ground dwellers! 

Join us as we change our perspective and explore the Conservatory through the lens of our feathered friends. 

Meet these friends up close, and have fun with Naturalist Andalyne as she gives more insight into the quail perspective.

Ghost Hunting Phasmids in the Conservatory

Join Naturalist Andalyne with her trusty magnifying glass and play a game of I Spy with some of nature’s ghosts. 

Phasmids are an order of insects known as stick bugs or walking sticks. They are commonly referred to as ghost insects as they are masters of camouflage.  

The name Phasmid is derived from the word Phantom, and with their stick-like body, these Thorny Devil stick insects are true to their name, seemingly vanishing into the foliage. 

Have fun spotting these elusive insects and learning more about their life-cycle in this Virtual Creature Feature.


We are thrilled to announce our first ever adult Hercules Beetle emergence at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory and to give you a first look! 

During this Virtual Creature Feature, Naturalist Andalyne gives you a close-up look at this amazing creature and shares more about the role they play in the Conservatory. 

Our Horticulturist, Denise, makes an appearance to give you another perspective on these valuable decomposers.

All this and more in the video below.

Meet our two American Singer Canaries, Nat & Jingle

These two feathered friends love signing their songs, filling the Conservatory with their beautiful tune.

Watch the video below to meet these two up close, and listen in on their famous sounds.

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