Donation Requests

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is committed to helping others in the community.

The Conservatory is committed to helping others in our community by assisting with fundraising efforts. As part of our commitment to helping others, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory will donate one family pass to qualifying charities or organizations (to be used for fundraising purposes only). The approximate value of a family pass is approximately $50.00. There is a limit of one pass per organization per calendar year.

Cash donations will not be provided by Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory and fundraisers for personal gain will not be considered.

    PLEASE NOTE: You will be notified immediately that your request has been received, but due to a large number of requests we are unable to respond to all inquiries. Only successful applicants will be contacted. The typical wait period is three weeks. If your request is successful you will be notified when your is pass available for pick-up. Passes must be picked up and will not be mailed.
    Submissions made by means other than via this form will NOT be considered.