White Poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Alba’


Central America

Erect to spreading shrub usually sparsely branched with ovate to lance-shaped, mid – dark green leaves to 6″ long; in winter it bears dense terminal cymes of green cyathia ringed by large leaf-like bright white bracts

Water lightly; fertilize with a low nitrogen fertilizer monthly; full light in winter; semi-shade in summer; protect from drafts and heat vents; photoperiodic requiring 12 hrs. of darkness for about 8 weeks to initiate bloom

Stem cuttings; divide

One story of the species’ association with Christmas began in the 16th century when a little girl was too poor to provide a gift for Jesus’ birthday when an angel guided her to pick roadside weeds to display in front of the altar – resulting in a beautiful bouquet of red flowers

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