The Great Orange Tip, Hebomoia glaucippe

The Great Orange Tip ranges widely across southern Asia, where it lives in many habitat types, from grasslands to rainforest.

The Great Orange Tip is white with bright orange and black forewing tips. The underside is similar, but the hindwings are light brown and resemble the surface of a dead leaf. Males and females look similar. Males spend most of their time perching on the ground with their wings closed. In this position, they look like a dead leaf and are camouflaged from predators. In between perching, males fly around looking for females. Adults nectar frequently and prefer Lantana plants. The caterpillars are green and blend in well with the leaves of their host plants. They feed on plants from the caper family (Capparaceae: Crateva and Capparis spp.)and Cleomaceae family (Cleome spp.).

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