The Blue & White, Heliconius cydno

Blue and Whites are found from southern Mexico to western Ecuador where they exist in different forms. The forewings are black at the tips and dark, iridescent blue near the body, with a wide white band across the middle. The hindwings are dark blue. The ventral surface is mostly black with white spots, and two dark brown streaks across the hindwings.

Adult Blue and Whites are fast fliers and can be found in the middlestory of steep forests. Adults collect nectar from Psiguria plants and nectar from red and orange flowers. At night, adults roost alone on twigs or vine tendrils within 10 m of the ground. Later-stage caterpillars are reddish brown with black spots and an orange head. Caterpillars feed on passion vines (family: Passifloraceae), until pupating in a brown chrysalis with two golden patches.

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