The Sapho Longwing, Heliconius sapho

The Sapho Longwing ranges from Central America to northwestern South America. Adults can be found in the canopy of dense forests, where males defend territories in small canopy gaps.

The dorsal forewing surface of the Sapho Longwing is black at the tip and dark blue close to the body, with a large white patch across the middle. The hindwings are dark blue. The ventral surface is black and white with red markings beside the body.

Adults roost in large groups over water on twigs or tendrils. Caterpillars have yellow bodies and black heads. In Costa Rica, Sapho Longwing caterpillars only feed on Passiflora pittieri, but over other parts of their range they are polyphagous, feeding on any passion vine (family: Passifloraceae) species.

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