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Enjoy the lush tropics, experience our free-flying butterflies, discover our diverse insect collection, all while learning hands-on about nature, insects, butterflies, and more! All Homeschool Group Programs include a classroom component on a theme of your choice, live insect encounter, as well as time exploring the tropical greenhouse. Our programs are designed for families with children ages 3-12, however all ages are welcome to attend, including younger siblings under 3. All participating children are asked to pay program admission.

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Program Details


Students: $8.50 (+HST)

Adults: $5.00 (+HST)


Payment is due in one lump sum on the day of your visit. We accept cash, corporate cheques, debit, Visa, MasterCard. Please make cheques payable to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

Program Choices

Homeschool groups may book any of our Elementary School Programs or any of our Homeschool themes. Popular program choices include:

Parts of a Butterfly

While working as a group to build a large butterfly, students investigate the basic parts of an insect and learn how each part helps the butterfly survive. Our hands-on learning centres allow students to see various parts up close! Also suitable for Grade Two

Butterfly Life Cycle

Students discover the strategies used by butterflies to survive through the different stages of life (eg. caterpillars looking like bird droppings, chrysalides camouflaged like a leaf). The similarities and differences between two different kinds of insect life cycles are also investigated. Hands-on learning centres incorporating live specimens will help students explore various aspects of the life cycle up close (eg. wing scales, butterfly eggs, various caterpillars and pupae). 

Monarch – An Incredible Journey

Students will learn the fascinating story of the Monarch butterfly – its life cycle, biology, migration, population status and conservation challenges. Students will discover how humans are affecting Monarch habitat and survival.

Please e-mail our Education Coordinator at to inquire about programs.

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