Meet Cheecho the Conure

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Meet Cheecho the Conure!

Ever since Cheecho, a young tropical parrot, came to live with us almost 10 years ago, he has become a popular character in the Conservatory. Cheech is a young male Green-cheeked Conure, a small parrot from the continent of South America.

Children love to say “hi Cheecho” and hear him repeat his name, and even sometimes watch him dance to his favourite tune!

Here’s some fun Cheecho trivia as we celebrate his birthday this month. Answers can be found by scrolling below. Come meet Cheecho yourself at his annual Birthday Party!

1. How long can Cheecho live to be?
a) 10 years,
b) 30 years,
c) 100 years

2. True or False: You can tell Cheecho is a male and not a female by the colour of his wing feathers?

3. Green-cheeked Conures are a group of small parrots found where in the wild:
a) South America
b) Australia
c) Asia

4. True or False: Cheecho loves to eat anything from mango & banana, to sunflower seeds and walnuts, to beans and broccoli!

5. Individuals are able to mate and breed after being how old:
a) 1 year
b) 3 years
c) 5 years

6. True or False: If Cheecho were to stop eating fruit, the green colour of his feathers would fade.

7. Cheecho’s favourite song is:
a) “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”,
b) “Pennies From Heaven”
c) “Row Row Row Your Boat”

8. True or False: Cheecho has been learning some new tricks for his birthday!

See the answers below!


Answers to Cheecho Trivia
1. b) Hopefully we’ll be celebrating Cheecho’s birthday for another 15 – 20 years!
2. False – It is very difficult to tell males from females; usually only a vet can determine this.
3. a) Central & South America
4. True – Many tropical fruits, seeds, nuts, and some greens are eaten by conures.
5. a) Conures only have to be 1 year old before they can mate.
6. True – Most birds get their green, red and yellow colour from pigments in the food they eat, like fruit and berries.
7. c) Try singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” to Cheecho next visit and see if he dances for you!
8. True – and he looks forward to showing off his new tricks for you this weekend at his Birthday Party!