Morning Yoga in the Conservatory

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YogaCoverBlog.jpgLe Lam

Few of our guests have had the chance to experience the Conservatory in the early hours of the morning. The sense of stillness in the air is peaceful, the birds and butterflies just beginning to awaken, the quails wandering sleepily across the paths. Add in a calming meditation and vinyasa yoga practice, and your day is off to a great start.

Practicing yoga in the morning is great for physical, mental, and emotional health. “Morning practice can heighten our productivity and alertness throughout the rest of the day. Yoga postures gently massage the internal organs and boosts the body’s metabolism. After being awakened, the digestive system is far more efficient at releasing toxins and properly metabolizing the vitamins and minerals from our foods,” says Le Lam, Certified Yoga Instructor. “Just as importantly, a morning practice is a great way to know you’ve done something for yourself before you start taking care of others.”

We’re lucky to have such a beautiful atmosphere to practice in, and Le’s class is a welcome change from a typical studio practice. “One of the tips to create a life you love is to ‘make a nature date,'” says Le. “Nature inspires awareness, tolerance, acceptance… and nothing is better than a breath of fresh air. As a very close replica of nature, the Conservatory is a great place to practice yoga.”

When asked how the Conservatory’s tropical temperatures affect the session, Le says, “at 25-28°C, the warm temperatures are a nice help to speed up the warm-up segment and enhance the whole practice.”

These yoga sessions took place every Wednesday morning through to August 31st, 2016.

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