Photo Shoots in the Conservatory

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With tropical canopies, cascading waterfalls, and free-flying butterflies, the Conservatory is a tropical paradise all year round. It’s no surprise that we have guests asking all the time if they can have photos taken here.

The answer is YES! The Conservatory is a popular venue for all types of photography shoots – maternity photos, family photos, engagement photos. We’ve had some amazing photos taken here, and we’re thrilled that our beautiful backdrop is available for guests looking to capture some special milestone moments.

Photography permits are available for purchase and are valid for use before we open (before 10am) or after we close (after 5pm). We don’t allow these shoots to happen during our open hours because they restrict pathways and affect accessibility for our other guests.

Booking your permit is easy – you can contact our Booking Coordinator at 519-653-1234 x. 100 or via email at

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Check out some of the amazing photos that have been taken here at the Conservatory!