A Conservatory Love Story

In Weddings and Events by dfiik

With Valentine’s Day approaching we’re feeling extra mushy and couldn’t help but share this cute story.

For Emily, it was just another Friday afternoon and just a normal visit to the Butterfly Conservatory. She and Dylan arrived with their sweet little girl just before closing and with the exception of one other person, they were all alone in the greenhouse.

Little did she know, Dylan had called and arranged for exclusive after-hours use of the Conservatory, and the person casually strolling photographing butterflies was actually Catherine from Catherine Mombourquette Photography – there to capture the moment when Dylan asked Emily to marry him!

We’re always honoured to be able to share such a unique place with our guests, and often for life’s most important moments. Butterflies are symbolic in so many ways so it’s not surprising that we see so many special events here at the Conservatory. The novelty never wears off, we get just as excited as our guests do. Though we can’t promise that we won’t try to watch from behind a palm tree, we can guarantee that it’ll be a moment neither of you will forget.