Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtually visit Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory and enjoy some fun, self-guided programming!

Watch the videos below to learn more about some of the fascinating things you’ll see during your experience at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

Aquatic Creatures who call our pond “Home”

As you stroll by our pond and the waterfall, there are a couple of animals you can look for swimming around in the water – watch to learn more!

Butterflies & Moths: How to tell the difference!

Looking at the antennae can help differentiate between a butterfly and a moth – watch to learn more!

Introduction to Arthropods!

Welcome to the Insect of the World Gallery where we showcase a variety of insects and other arthropods from around the world – watch to learn more!

What Butterflies Eat: a look at our Fruit Trays

Many tropical butterflies are attracted to rotten fruit, so we simulate this by putting out rotten bananas and oranges – watch to learn more!

Blue Morpho butterfly wings & beautiful iridescence

Everyone loves butterflies because of their beautiful colours and patterns on their wings but did you know that butterfly wings are actually totally see-through? Watch to learn more!

DYK: Scorpions fluoresce under UV Light?

Scientists still aren’t exactly sure why scorpions can fluoresce like this, but one theory is that it just might help them detect light so they can avoid being seen, and hide better – watch & learn more!

Our fine feathered friends & Clean-Up Crew

As you stroll through the Conservatory you’ll notice some other winged animals besides the butterflies – watch to learn more!

Butterflies & Moths: Difference between Cocoons & Chrysalides

Join us at the Emergence Window to learn more about the pupal stage of Butterflies and Moths!

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Friendly reminder: all regularly scheduled Daily Programming is currently on hold due to the on-going public health situation due to COVID-19.