Weddings at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory – Venue FAQ’s

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We caught up with Cayla VanHouwelingen, our Wedding and Events Coordinator to ask her some questions about hosting a wedding at our Conservatory, and what factors couples should take into consideration when choosing a venue for their special day.

What are some of the amenities provided by this particular venue?

We are a one-stop shop for weddings. We offer an indoor ceremony space (no rainy day plan B needed!), reception space, and photo location all in one place. The indoor tropical greenhouse and surrounding outdoor gardens and wildflower fields are beautiful backdrops for photos. We also have a Bridal Suite for the wedding party to use on the night of their event. Day-of coordination is also included in all of our packages!

Are couples able to plan both their ceremony and their reception together? How big is the property and what is maximum capacity?

The conservatory is a 25,000 square foot facility, situated on 110 acres. The tropical greenhouse is over 10,000 square feet. Couples are able to plan both their ceremony and reception on our property. Our capacity depends on the reception style. For a seated dinner reception (either buffet-style or four-course) we can seat up to 100 people comfortably. For a cocktail and hors d’ouvres-style reception, we can host a wedding of up to 160 guests.

When a couple is looking for a wedding venue what are some factors they should consider?

There are many factors to consider before choosing a venue. Cost is often a deciding factor and couples should look closely at what is included with their package price. One inclusion that is often overlooked is how much help they will get from the venue staff for set-up and tear down and if there is a coordinator included, or if they will have to do most of the work themselves. Coming from personal experience, having a coordinator and a venue that takes care of everything from start to finish is worth it – wedding couples will not want the hassle and responsibility of cleaning up the night of their wedding!

Another thing to consider is the timing and ease of the day. Because we offer everything all in one location, wedding couples benefit from having to travel between the ceremony, reception, and photo sites. Guests really enjoy this aspect as well, especially if they are from out of town and unfamiliar with the area. While photos are being taken, guests can enjoy cocktail hour in our lobby and galleries. It makes for an efficient and relaxing environment for everyone involved.

Finally, do you have any suggestions for couples looking to plan the perfect wedding?

I always suggest that wedding couples go with the venue, décor, food, and theme for the wedding that they want. Take opinions and suggestions from outside sources (parents, friends, vendors), but in the end make sure the wedding is a reflection of the two of them. If getting married surrounded by butterflies has been a dream of theirs, or they’ve always wanted to do a funny choreographed first dance, then do it!

How can interested couples get in touch to book the space?

Interested couples can get in contact with me via e-mail, at or calling in for a chat at 519-653-1234 x. 112

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